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New International Performing Arts Institute in Berlin


NIPAI was founded as direct response to the growing demand for a professionals in the area of Performing Arts.


New International Performing Arts Institute is "new" because we aim to open to our students new horizons, new possibilities, and new approaches for developing performance practices on a professional level!

NIPAI provides one of the most intensive and hands-on courses in physical theatre, theatre and movement directing here in Europe, offering different locations and dates for our students' conveniences.


These programs equip students with necessary "real" skills, which are in high demand on today's performing arts scene, including skills of a performer as well as skills of a theatre director or movement coach for actors. At NIPAI's program, you will have a chance to experience how to work with performers from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, how to establish a common language among performance, how to tune everybody to "one wave" and make the creative process not only joyful but also productive.

Our philosophy is "to learn by doing". 


The idea of the New International Performing Arts Institute was inspired and is developing under the artistic guidance of Ostrenko Brothers from 2000, and now NIPAI became now a community of professionals, working to raise new talents among actors, directors, and performers of different genres for the modern scene of performing arts. 


Another wonderful aspect of every NIPAI program is multiculturality and multidisciplinarity of the students' groups. Just some of the recent programs have connected students from such countries as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA.  

From our point of view, studying in the cross-cultural and multidisciplinary groups is an enriching experience for our students as at our programs, even in one short week, they become friends very quickly, and we know that they keep in touch until now. It is sometimes very important to know that in different parts of the world, you have like-minded peers who will support you.


We are often delighted to hear from our students, that NIPAI's programs were for them the most exciting, full of discoveries and rewarding creative experience they have ever had. This is something that makes us happy! 



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