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Full Immersion: International 3-Week Physical Theatre Residency in Hungary

Special Three-Week Physical Theatre Intensive Residency designed for dancers, physical theatre actors, circus performers, musical theatre performers, performance artists, as well as for directors and choreographers, interested in advancing their professional skills in performance making, movement directing, performing, devising, ensemble building, directing, etc., as well as enhancing professional tools such as body, voice and mind through daily creative practice.

The training intentionally is designed as an intensive lab with the participation of practitioners from different field of arts and from various countries. Multidisciplinarity and multiculturality are one of the most important principles of our programs. Working alongside colleagues from different countries and cultures is an excellent opportunity to find innovative, new, multidimensional approaches to rehearsals and performances.

Participants will be able to get training based on the Ostrenko Brothers Method, which was formed on the basis of a Russian theatre school and influenced by traditional European and Asian practices in performing arts.

Early bird participation fee: 575 EUR ̶9̶5̶0̶ ̶E̶U̶R̶ Register until 03 April 2021 in order to save 30% as an early bird discount

Venue - Churgo Culture Center

The baroque main axis of the culture centre expands into a rectangular, beautifully landscaped urban space. Its atmosphere reflects the long-standing prestige of one of the country’s most traditional schools. Here is the café, theatre, the concert hall, the city festivities are held here. In the attic, there is a music school, clubs, smaller lecture halls.

The training venue - Chokonai Közösshegi House (Churgo Culture Centre), is located 1,5 km from the accommodation venue, and it takes around 10 minutes of slow-speed walk to get there.

As it is in the city centre, it is easy to reach everything that is needed: cafes, shops, parks, museums, accommodation, fitness clubs and even a swimming pool.

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