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The Director and Play

The Director and Play
3 Months, Distance education 

This is one of the rare programs that will teach you how to make a deep active analysis of the play.  The course offers the necessary tools for directors to work with the text of the play, research a historical and theoretical context and delve into the material. You will practice analyzing play texts through the given tasks and exercises.

Tuition Fee: 1950 EUR

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The course includes:

Play Analysis

Active Analysis

Storytelling / Retelling

Dramatic Structure

Basic blocks of story – structure, character, dialog, etc.

Units and objectives analysis to build a character’s through-line

The course will be useful to directors and actors of Drama Theatre, who wish to learn how to read a play in a way that is useful for a staged production. The students are taught to go deep in the text, considering authors’ tools and ideas to express meaning and engage audiences.

Program details:

Level: Professional

Program Duration: 3 months

Language: English

Certificate: Available

Program Format: Distance education

Each week, students receive distant tasks, assignments, cases for self-studies which gradually lead them to an understanding of the topic and the ability to apply knowledge to the real-life projects.

Objectives of the course:

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Gain a firm understanding of the conception of the play analysis and the role of historical context;

Work through real-life scenarios and case studies to develop your skills;

Construct a relationship between the director, author, and text.

Owing to impressive learning flexibility, this program will be convenient for ambitious professionals who are constantly on the move or are looking to balance work and study to apply their skills in real-time.

The core of every program​ at NIPAI is learning by doing! Thus, at the distance course, our students will gain knowledge through practical tasks for directors that bring better understanding and technical skills in the basics of composition, stage plans, storyboarding, scale models atmosphere creation through the use of a particular design concept.

Upon successful completion of all tasks, students can receive a Certificate of Completion. 

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Professional growth

Up-to-date knowledge

First hand experience

Individual approach

Emphasis on practical learning

Unique method

We are proud of our students from all around the world!

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