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Based out of San Francisco, California, Jeremy has spent the last few years performing all over the world. Blending circus and theatre, Jeremy has performed as an acrobat, actor, and juggler in Latvia, Mexico, France, Poland, Germany, and all over the west coast of the United States. 


A graduate of multiple conservatory style performance programs, Jeremy does his best to blend different artistic methods together to create live inspirational performances that give people a reason to leave the house and participate in a live theatrical moment. 


Jeremy has been teaching children for 15 years and adults for 10. By sharing what we learn about how to make art and tell stories, Jeremy believes that we can grow in our understanding of what inspires people. What makes an audience feel? What makes an audience wonder, "what happens next?!" What flat out entertains an audience? Juggling 5 balls is simple. Doing a handstand straddle press or doing a back flip takes some years of training our strength, flexibility, and coordination, but is also simple. How do we create shows that are funded enough to pay artists and theatre professionals? How do we create a great show and then encourage an audience to actually go and see that great show? These are questions that Jeremy doesn't have the answers to. What he does know is that by training our precision on stage, gaining new tools for our performance toolkits, by sharpening awareness of how we present on stage, and strengthening our connection to our audiences, we can all be better theatre makers, entertainers, and story tellers.

Jeremy graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance from Southern Oregon University. He has graduated from two professional performance programs at Circus Center, in San Francisco: The Clown Conservatory, directed (and founded) by Jeff Raz, and the Professional Acrobatics Program, directed (and founded) by Master Lu Yi. Jeremy specialized in handstands with his coach, Xia Kemin.


Some notable theatre and circus companies that Jeremy has worked for are: The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival (The Comedy of Errors and Twelfth Night), Bow and Arrow Circus Collective (Dark Side of the Circus), Sweet Can Productions (My Friend Hafiz, Mittens & Mistletoe, and more), Marin Shakespeare Company (Twelfth Night and The Tempest), Circus Center (Secret Garden and many more), 42nd Street Moon (Silk Stockings, Destry Rides Again, and Very Warm for May), Bindlestiff Family Circus, Circus Bella, and many more.

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