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Valleria is a professional dancer and  choreographer from Latina, Italy


Valeria is a professional italian dancer, choreographer and director . She is the artistic and executive director of Valeria Vallone Dance Company and Anfiteatro Academy asd, school of dance and performing arts.


She was Principal Dancer in "Sonia Nifosi Motion Dance Group". She is Teacher Examiner for Contemporary Dance and Dance Theatre (FID, Federation of Italian dance with Legal recognition of the Italian State and UNESCO) since 2009. In 2017, the promo video of "I Spit On Cancer" by Valeria Vallone Dance Company wins the first place at the International Ventotene Film Festival. 

She devoted all her life to dance. She makes choreography for many shows since 1999, from musicals to original shows of contemporary dance.


Since she was very small she attended the ballet classes. In 1992 she joined the school of Teatro dell’Opera of Rome, then directed by Elizabeth Terabust, participating in numerous shows both the dance school and  the theatre company (included “Don Quixote” directed by Zarko Prebil, “Napoli” staged either at Brancaccio Theater that Caracalla).


In 1994, after studying with K.Damianov, D. Frank, Daniel Meja, R. Strajner, V. Valcu, R. Chuca, E. Terabust, and others, meets Sonia Nifosi, international teacher and choreographer with whom she studied classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, theory, technique and history of ballet, modern and contemporary dance
methodology. In 1997 she graduated as professional dancer in each of the disciplines attended. In the mean time, since 1995, she joined the company GRUPPOMAGNETIKA ( later THEATRE DANCE COMPANY and today SONIA NIFOSI MOTION DANCE GROUP) as a soloist and  first dancer, with which she staged in  several shows in Italy and abroad. 


Valeria improves her dance with many teachers: Luc Bouy, Corinne Lanselle, Emanuela Tagliava, Desmond Richardson, Bruno Collinet, Mats Ek, Ana Laguna, Susanne Linke; In 2017 at NDT, Nederland, with Lydia Bastinade, Meng-ke Wu, Spencer Dickhaus, Marne Vam Opstal In 2008 she obtained a DEGREE in LETTERS – ARTS AND SCIENCE OF THE SHOW at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. The thesis on the history of dance entitled “The Dance and Yoga” presents a monographic work on the choreographer Sonia Nifosi and on   GRUPPOMAGNETIKA  connected with her artistic and spiritual thoughts .




Soloist and Principal Dancer in Gruppomagnetika by Sonia Nifosi from the age of 15 danced in all shows of the company  choreographed by Sonia Nifosi: 1995 “ECLIPSE”; 1996. ” FRAMMENTI” New Age Contemporary Dance; “AMORE VIOLATO” spectacle of theater and contemporary dance staged at the Teatro Carcano in Milan for Telefono Azzurro in which she made her debut as a first dancer, directed by Marzio Margine; 1997 “MASK GOODBYE” spectacle of ballet and contemporary dance at Teatro Manzoni in Rome;  “ALFINE DI VOLARE”  contemporary dance show staged at Teatro dell’Opera in Rome (Brancaccio Theatre) ; 1998 Tourné in Malaysia with the shows “Mask Goodbye” and “ALFINE DI VOLARE” .”QUEM QUAERITIS” dance theater show about the life of Christ, made for the Easter Festival at the Teatro Brancaccio (Rome Opera House); “IROLOC” contemporary dance show with music of Pink Floyd created for Roman Summer 98 and repeated several times in Rome and Bari; 1999 “VANNO E VENGONO DALLA COLLINA” dance and theatre with music by F. De Andrè freely adapted by the anthology of SPOON RIVER E.A. MASTERS; 2000 “ SHOW MUST GO ON” dance show with music by Queen for Park Talents Rome (Roma Summer 2000); “NAKED ORCHESTRA” dance on the music of New Trools (Rome); “SMOOTH” dance music by Santana for Talents Park; 2001 “VOLO TRA PENSIERI DI LUCE” neoclassical-contemporary dance original music by M. Bagella. Debut at the Teatro Comunale in Fiuggi and various replicas in Rome. 2002 “ LA SOLITA SEDIA” presented at the “Bellini Dance Festival Naples; “CAPPELLO, CAPPOTTO E OMBRELLO”, music of Maestro C. Tallino and lyrics by L. Iosca; 2003 remake of ” VOLO TRA PENSIERI DI LUCE”, Neoclassical and Contemporary dance replicated several times in Italy and invited to Cyprus in the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE (Rialto Theatre); 2004 ‘AWARD Pegaso D’ORO ” at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome with “Prologue” 2005; 2006 “INTERMITTENZE DEL CUORE”  -contemporary dance show with live music: – Anyla KRAYLA (First Violin) – Fabiana BIASINI (piano); 2007 remake of “VANNO E VENGONO DALLA COLLINA” at the Teatro Dell’Angelo Rome.


Together with the dancing career she grew  her passion for teaching and therefore in 1998 she joined “L’Anfiteatro”, school dance, singing, music, acting in Latina, as a  ballet , modern, neoclassical and contemporary teacher. In 2005 she attended the updating course for teachers at the DAMS of Bologna, about French technique, held by the director of the school of the Paris Opera Elizabeth Platel and F. Zumbo. In 2007 she attended the updating course for teachers in Milan at the school  Teatro alla Scala. In 2008 she participated at the updating teachers course on the work of Martha Graham at DAMS of Bologna held by T. Dakine. In 2015 was in Rome to attend the workshops with Mats Ek, Susanne Linke, Ana Laguna, Dominique Mercy.
In August 2017 Valeria received the Certificate of IUGTE for a work for director/TEACHING in Vienna with Serjey Ostrenko of INTERNATIONAL IUNIVERSITY “GLOBAL THEATRE EXPERIENCE”.

Some of her students reached to join The Royal Ballet School for summer courses ; Laban
school for updating courses; school of TEATRO DELL’OPERA di Roma and ACCADEMIA
NAZIONALE DI DANZA in Rome for ordinary courses



Valeria’s work is based on the MEANING, on questions about the meaning of life, its nuances, values, the interior world of emotions. Nothing can be separated from emotions. Her work is a continuous research work to explore feelings of human being through dance. Dance is an instrument for telling the vibrations of souls and pulling the truth of being out of the depths


Valeria’s works on emotions with humility and irony,  laying on the personal peculiarities of each of us, on our personal eccentricities and sometimes exasperating them and sometimes turning them into something else.

Valeria loves her work and faces important and committed themes with passion and ease at the same time, with Courage and delicacy, shaking the audience but not invading it, her job always invites the audience TO THINK. 


She loves to CREATE, to build performances with dancers and with not dancers too because her work is for everybody wants to work in depth in search of the true movement and therefore of a real sense, not fake. Every movement must tell a story, every movement has a meaning, every breath is full of meaning. 


In the creative process Valeria almost never follows a linear process, does not always start from meaning, from music, from space, her creative process is free and
new every time but the creative path always leads to a SENSE. 

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