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Berlin, Germany


APRIL 2025
Berlin, Germany

Grow professionally!

NIPAI is an international Institute that has been organizing workshops, laboratories and conferences for over 20 years. Our goal is to embed professional education, multidimensional and multicultural approach of contemporary professional performance making into mainstream activity of the industry. You can also learn more about NIPAI distance learning ↓

The aim of workshops...

... is to explore performer's physicality through the introduction in Biomechanics, Physical Action, Psychological Gesture at the approaches of the Ostrenko brothers. The learning content consists of: physical acting and voice training, grounding techniques, improvisation, body and sense memory, ownership of text, building a character, scene study and releasing individual acting habits.

Kiran Pavaskar, India

We had enchanting group of people, all coming from different countries, cultures, speaking different languages and still working together. It was so good to exchange ideas, suggestions and skills in between the classes and so good to meet lovely artistic people from all parts of the world. I am glad that I participated in this workshop; it was indeed a very special experience"

Steve Shade, USA

The opportunity to share and debate topics ranging from various aspects on performance, directing and theatre work was a stimulating end to the day’s activities and an informative forum on performance theory and practice in Greece, Portugal, China, Ireland, Singapore, etc.

Rod Dixon, UK

It was one of my best weeks ever - I have had a lot of weeks so that is saying something. What was amazing was the group dynamic...We were marvelling about how we all came together from all corners of the world and our common interests bonded us within MINUTES. Wow!


Ostrenko's approach is a systematic approach to performance, which generates innovative productions utilizing concepts, ideas, and existing play-texts. It introduces some of the effective techniques and approaches towards contemporary performance practice in the context of the short rehearsal time and multicultural aspect of the creative team.

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